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Course: Online Asbestos Notification System (Asbestos Notification System)
Glossary: Asbestos Notification System FAQ

When do I need to notify the District?

The Air District must be notified at least 10 business days before:

  • Any renovation involving the removal of 100 sq. ft. or more, 100 linear ft. or more, or 35 cubic feet or more of asbestos.
  • Every demolition regardless of asbestos content.
For residential buildings of four or fewer dwelling units, you may notify the Air District

72 hours in advance with the payment of an additional fee.

Air District regulations must always be followed when removing asbestos or demolishing buildings.

Why do I have to apply for a J#?

The Air District regulates the demolition and renovation of buildings and structures that may contain asbestos, and the manufacture of materials known to contain asbestos. All businesses and homeowners within the Air District boundaries (9 counties of the Bay Area) must be in compliance with Regulation 11, Rule 2.

Why do I have to wait 10 working days? I don’t have asbestos, why do I still have to wait?

Federal regulations (Code of Federal Regulations 40 CFR Part 61 Subpart M) require a 10-working day notification period.  BAAQMD cannot be less stringent.

Why does the building department require me to get a J#?

California Health and Safety Code Section 19827.5 requires evidence of asbestos notification to the Environmental Protection Agency or its designee (BAAQMD).  Receipt of a J# fulfills this requirement.  Each City and County Building Department has its own requirements.  Please contact your Building Department directly for further details.


Can I apply for a Renovation Notification as a homeowner?

We recommend that you allow the asbestos abatement Contractor to submit the notification so that they can manage the Start and Completion Dates of the project.

Do you have a list of certified hazardous waste sites?

No.  The Air District does not have a list of hazardous waste sites.  We recommend that you contact a licensed asbestos contractor if you have Regulated Asbestos Containing Material (RACM) that requires disposal.

I haven’t hired an asbestos abatement contractor yet. Can I still notify?

We recommend that wait until you have hired an Asbestos Abatement Contractor and allow them to submit the notification so that they can manage the Start and Completion Dates of the project.

I’m a homeowner removing building material that containing less than 1% asbestos. Can I take it to the local dump?

The Air District doesn’t regulate building materials that contain less than 1% asbestos and doesn’t have any requirement regarding disposal of these types of building materials.

I’m a homeowner. Can I remove the asbestos myself?

Due to the work practice requirements of the Regulation 11, Rule 2, homeowners generally cannot perform removal.

I’m a single-family dwelling homeowner. What types of building material may be “suspect materials?”

Please see our “Asbestos Compliance Tips for Building Owners” document in English, Spanish or Russian in the “Resources” section at the bottom of the Air District’s Asbestos Demolitions & Renovations Notification page.


Can I schedule an appointment with an Inspector for an inspection?

Inspections are conducted unannounced.

Do I have to have a copy of my Acknowledgement Letter onsite?

Yes, please have a readable copy of your Acknowledgement Letter onsite.

Does an Air Quality Inspector have the right to enter onto my property?

Yes, per Regulation 1, Section 440, the Air District has the right to conduct inspections.

When will the Inspector make a visit?

See "Can I schedule an appointment with an Inspector for an inspection?"


Can I drop off a paper notification?

No, see "I don't have internet. Can I mail in a notification?"

Can I enter longitude & latitude for the location address?

You may enter the longitude & latitude in the “Specific Location of Project within Building/Address” field and any other information that will help the Inspector find the job site.  Please enter a valid or the closest valid physical address in the Address fields above the “Specific Location” field.

Can I file one J# for multiple buildings?

Only if they are contiguous properties located on one block.  We recommend you contact the Asbestos Help Desk for assistance in determining the requirements for your specific project.

Do I qualify for an Emergency Renovation?

Emergency Renovation: Renovation that is not planned but results from a sudden, unexpected event. This includes:

219.1 Operations necessitated by equipment failures;

219.2 Unanticipated findings of RACM during demolition, renovation or

construction activity;

219.3 The conversion of previously nonfriable asbestos-containing material to

friable material during the course of a renovation;

219.4 Renovations due to fire, water, or earthquake damage;

219.5 Renovations where imminent danger to the public health may exist;

219.6 Renovations in public buildings and schools; or

219.7 Owner-occupied single family dwellings (SFDs) during or within ten days

Do mobile homes require notification? What is the building type? Do mobile homes need a survey?

Yes, mobile homes are subject to Regulation 11, Rule 2.  Mobile homes are single-family dwellings and the survey requirements of Section 303.8 apply.

Does my demolition qualify as a fire-training training demolition?

a.  Yes, if a local fire department is using your building for fire training.  Any structure used for fire training is reclassified as a Government Building. 

b. Additionally, fire training also requires a Regulation 5 notification (Open Burn).

c. A Renovation notification will be required if there is >100 square or linear feet of RACM.  ALL asbestos containing material must be removed before the fire training.   

d. Fire Training cannot be the final means of demolition.  A separate demolition Notification must be submitted by a demolition contractor for final demolition.

How do I apply for an Exemption Notification?

The Air District does not have an Asbestos Exemption Notification process.

How do I pay the flat fee for floor mastic removal?

Select “Floor Mastic ONLY (with Mechanical Buffer)” in the Materials Description Section.

How long is my J# good for?

A J# is valid from 1-365 days.  A J# will expire after the Completion Date or the job exceeds 365 days.

I don’t have internet. Can I mail in a notification?

No, our current system requires you to create an account in order to manage your notifications.  You may use computers at a public library, THE HUB (located on the 1st floor of the Air District Office in San Francisco) or any location that offers public computer access.

I have a floor mastic removal. Should I submit one J# or two?

It is at the discretion of the contractor to apply for two J#’s:

i. one J# for RACM

ii. one J# for Floor Mastic ONLY

or to apply for one J# and combine the total RACM amount to be removed (RACM and Mastic).  Please include the floor mastic removal amount to the Total RACM Amount.