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Site: Air District Online Learning Center
Course: Online Asbestos Notification System (Asbestos Notification System)
Glossary: Asbestos Notification System FAQ

If my asbestos removal includes linear and square feet, can I enter the higher of those two amounts?

No.  In the new system, Asbestos Operation Fees will be charged based on the Total Removal Amount of regulated asbestos containing material (RACM).  Fees will no longer be calculated by using the greater quantity of square feet or linear feet of RACM to be removed.  The Asbestos Operation Fee will be calculated using the sum of all RACM in square feet and linear feet.

If there is a unit in the back of a single-family dwelling, what is my building type?

See "My home or residential building has multiple units.  What is my building type?"

Is concrete or cement a suspect material?


Is there a way to save repetitive typing of the same information over and over again, like my contractor company and waste transporter information?

The system attempts to streamline your data entry by providing contact cards where possible.  Some users use the auto-complete setting in their web browser for this purpose.

I’m a general contractor. Can I apply for a J#?


My home or residential building has multiple units. What is my building type?

Any single structure that has 4 or fewer units is considered a single-family dwelling.  Any single structure that has more than 4 units is considered a multiple-family dwelling.

My J# is about to expire. Do I need to apply for a new J#?

If your work will continue past 365 days, you will need to submit a new notification and pay appropriate fees.

My next removal amount is less than the reportable amount (e.g. 70 sq.ft.), but I need to notify since I will exceed 100 sq.ft. of RACM within the past 12 months. What should I do?

Please enter 100 sq.ft. as the Total Removal Amount.  This will allow you to pay fees and move forward.

The system says the address I entered is incorrect?

Please watch our video on entering addresses.  Our system checks your address information against Google Maps and U.S. Postal Service address software.

What file types can I upload with my Planned Renovation or Government-Ordered Demolition Notification?

Most common document and photo file types are accepted.  Examples include JPEG (.jpg), GIF (.gif), PNG (.png), Word (.doc & .docx), Excel (.xls, .xlsx), PDF (.pdf), rich-text files (.rtf) and plain text files (.txt).  Error messaging is provided if your file type is not accepted

What is a cumulative Renovation?

Cumulative Renovations: A series of small (less than 30.8 m [100 ft] linear, 9.4 m2 [100 ft2] or 1 m3 [35 ft3]) renovations or removals of RACM performed during a calendar year at a single plant or facility which, taken together, would add up to a reportable amount under the provisions of this Rule.

What is a Government-Ordered (Emergency) Demolition? Do I qualify?

Emergency Demolition: A demolition carried out pursuant to an order of a federal, state or local government agency issued because the building is structurally unsound and in danger of imminent collapse or has been declared a public nuisance.

To qualify, please upload documentation from a government agency on official letterhead with your notification.  The Air District waives the 10 business-day notification period for Government-Ordered Demolitions.

What is a Planned Renovation?

Planned Renovation: A renovation, or a number of such operations, in which the amount of RACM that will be removed or stripped at an installation within a maximum time of one year can be predicted. Operations that are individually nonscheduled are included, provided a number of such operations can be predicted to occur during a given period of time based on operating experience. The minimum period of time shall be 30 days.

A work plan must be submitted with this type of project.

What Total Removal Amount should I put for a Cumulative Renovation?

Please enter 10,001 sq. ft. for total removal amount.

What’s the difference between square feet and linear feet?

Linear feet is intended for measuring pipe and ducting up to 12” in diameter.  Square feet is used for measuring surface area.

When do I have to notify the District for floor mastic removal?

When the removal is performed by mechanical means (not by manual method) and >100 square feet is being removed.

Why do I see the same contacts listed multiple times in the Contacts picker?

Some companies have multiple contact people in their organization, while others do not.  In order to save you some data entry, we list all contacts we have on record, even though there may be duplicates.


How do I pay for my ticket (NOV)?

You will receive instructions from our Legal Division.

What is a Notice of Violation (NOV)?

A Notice of Violation is used to document non-compliance with Air Quality Regulations.

Where do I send my NOV response?

Your response and a copy of the NOV should be sent to:

Attn: Director of Compliance and Enforcement

375 Beale St. Ste 600

San Francisco CA 94105


Can I add a room or a unit to the Total Removal Amount of my J#?

No additional amounts can be added after the J# has been issued.  A new notification and fees must be submitted.

Can I change the asbestos abatement contractor listed on my notification (J#)? How do I do that?

Yes and no.  The user account that received the notification can change the contractor company information; however, only that account has access to manage the notification.  Notifications cannot be transferred to another user account.  If it becomes necessary to change the contractor, both the original and new contractor are responsible for any revisions to the Start and Completion Date.

Can I change the location address on my J#?

No.  The Online Asbestos Notification System has address validation to help find address errors.  You are responsible for the correctness of your address.

Can I increase/decrease the Total Removal Amount on my J#?

See "Can I add a room or a unit to the Total Removal Amount of my J#?"

Can my Demolition project be put on hold after it begins?

Demolition projects that have already begun can be put on hold due to weather delays by submitting a work plan with a new Start and Completion Date to asbestosjobs@baaqmd.gov.  The Start and Completion Dates for these plans are subject to the revision requirements of Section 401.5.