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Site: Air District Online Learning Center
Course: Online Asbestos Notification System (Asbestos Notification System)
Glossary: Asbestos Notification System FAQ

Am I under Bay Area Air Quality Management District (BAAQMD) jurisdiction?

Please visit the map of our jurisdiction. The BAAQMD jurisdiction consists of the following 9 counties:

i. Alameda

ii. Contra Costa

iii. Marin


v. San Francisco

vi. San Mateo

vii. Santa Clara

viii. Solano (southwest portion only)

Sonoma (southern portion only)

Are J#’s refundable? Is there a cancellation fee?

Notification fees are refundable if the job is withdrawn prior to the Start Date.  A cancellation fee applies.  See Question #45 for our current fee schedule.

At what percentage does Asbestos Containing Material (ACM) become regulated?

Greater than 1% and friable.  See definition of Regulated Asbestos-Containing Material (RACM).


Can I add a room or a unit to the Total Removal Amount of my J#?

No additional amounts can be added after the J# has been issued.  A new notification and fees must be submitted.

Can I apply for a J# if I don’t have a Start Date?

Yes, however you must provide 10-business day notice and an estimated Start Date. Once you receive a J#, you may revise your Start Date (NOTE: revisions must be made prior to 11:59pm of the Start Date)

Can I apply for a Renovation Notification as a homeowner?

We recommend that you allow the asbestos abatement Contractor to submit the notification so that they can manage the Start and Completion Dates of the project.

Can I change the asbestos abatement contractor listed on my notification (J#)? How do I do that?

Yes and no.  The user account that received the notification can change the contractor company information; however, only that account has access to manage the notification.  Notifications cannot be transferred to another user account.  If it becomes necessary to change the contractor, both the original and new contractor are responsible for any revisions to the Start and Completion Date.

Can I change the location address on my J#?

No.  The Online Asbestos Notification System has address validation to help find address errors.  You are responsible for the correctness of your address.

Can I drop off a paper notification?

No, see "I don't have internet. Can I mail in a notification?"

Can I enter longitude & latitude for the location address?

You may enter the longitude & latitude in the “Specific Location of Project within Building/Address” field and any other information that will help the Inspector find the job site.  Please enter a valid or the closest valid physical address in the Address fields above the “Specific Location” field.

Can I file one J# for multiple buildings?

Only if they are contiguous properties located on one block.  We recommend you contact the Asbestos Help Desk for assistance in determining the requirements for your specific project.

Can I get a list of certified asbestos contractors from the District?

No. The Air District does not have a list of certified asbestos contractors.

Can I increase/decrease the Total Removal Amount on my J#?

See "Can I add a room or a unit to the Total Removal Amount of my J#?"

Can I pay a Fast Track Fee for a commercial building?

No.  The Fast Track Fee only applies to single-family dwellings (residential structures with 4 or fewer units).

Can I pay online?

Yes, credit card payment is now integrated into the Online Asbestos Notification System.  Contractors and homeowners of approved notifications will immediately receive an Asbestos Demolition/Renovation Job Number (J#) with an Acknowledgement Letter available to download and print.

Can I schedule an appointment with an Inspector for an inspection?

Inspections are conducted unannounced.

Can I send a check for payment?

No, as of November 9, 2022 manual payments including checks and money order will no longer be allowed. Acceptable payment options will only include credit cards, eChecks and debit cards.

Can my Demolition project be put on hold after it begins?

Demolition projects that have already begun can be put on hold due to weather delays by submitting a work plan with a new Start and Completion Date to asbestosjobs@baaqmd.gov.  The Start and Completion Dates for these plans are subject to the revision requirements of Section 401.5.


Do I have to apply if my Demolition doesn’t contain asbestos?

Yes. See "When do I need to notify the Air District?"

Do I have to have a copy of my Acknowledgement Letter onsite?

Yes, please have a readable copy of your Acknowledgement Letter onsite.

Do I need a survey?

A survey is required for all demolitions.

Do I qualify for an Emergency Renovation?

Emergency Renovation: Renovation that is not planned but results from a sudden, unexpected event. This includes:

219.1 Operations necessitated by equipment failures;

219.2 Unanticipated findings of RACM during demolition, renovation or

construction activity;

219.3 The conversion of previously nonfriable asbestos-containing material to

friable material during the course of a renovation;

219.4 Renovations due to fire, water, or earthquake damage;

219.5 Renovations where imminent danger to the public health may exist;

219.6 Renovations in public buildings and schools; or

219.7 Owner-occupied single family dwellings (SFDs) during or within ten days

Do mobile homes require notification? What is the building type? Do mobile homes need a survey?

Yes, mobile homes are subject to Regulation 11, Rule 2.  Mobile homes are single-family dwellings and the survey requirements of Section 303.8 apply.

Do you have a list of certified hazardous waste sites?

No.  The Air District does not have a list of hazardous waste sites.  We recommend that you contact a licensed asbestos contractor if you have Regulated Asbestos Containing Material (RACM) that requires disposal.

Does an Air Quality Inspector have the right to enter onto my property?

Yes, per Regulation 1, Section 440, the Air District has the right to conduct inspections.