Read More About The Customer Portal Home Page

The first page you see after logging in to the Online Asbestos Notification System is the Customer Portal Home Page.

The Customer Portal Home Page is where you go to manage your Asbestos Job Notifications. On this page you can also manage your user account information, including the user account contact information, and create and change your password.

You can create a new Asbestos Job Notification on the Customer Portal Home Page by clicking on the Asbestos Job Request button at the top of the page or the Start a New Asbestos Job Notification button in the My Asbestos Job Notification section.

In the My Asbestos Job Notification section, you can also see a list of all Job Notifications you are currently working on or have previously submitted. For each Job Notification, the System displays an Application #, a Job Title, (Job) Location, Job Type, Job Start Date, and Job Notification Status. Clicking on the Asbestos Job button to the right of each Job Notification takes you to the Asbestos Job Notification Summary Page for that Job Notification.

The Customer Portal Home Page is also used for non-asbestos related purposes by the Online Permitting System. If you have an Air District permit, you may be eligible to use the My Facilities section of the Customer Portal Home Page to submit permit applications, renew permits, update facility information, and access permit documents. If you have further questions about the Air District Permitting Process, please see the Online Permitting System web page.

Last modified: Saturday, March 10, 2018, 12:33 AM